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Learning Platform

FONGTIL Learning Platform

We are thrilled to be working with FONGTIL in developing their brand new Learning Platform. Quantech has been handed the task to develop the early version of their Learning Platform which will be developed and enhanced in the coming months. Currently our team is preparing for the handover to FONGTIL team and a official Go-Live date will be announced soon.

QUANTECH, FONGTIL, and the NGO Advocacy for Good Governance Activity have joined forces to develop this groundbreaking platform. They recently signed a tripartite agreement on May 12th, marking the beginning of an extraordinary endeavor. Get ready for a virtual hub where NGO members access top-notch training resources, engage in dynamic policy discussions, and stay updated in their sectors. This platform will revolutionize FONGTIL’s communication and documentation management, preserving institutional memory during transitions. This platform is a critical tool for enhancing the advocacy efforts of all NGOs in Timor-Leste!


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