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PRINCE2 – Project Management

A key challenge for organizations in today’s world is to succeed in balancing to parrallel, competing imperatives:

  • To maintain current business operations
  • To transform business operations in order to survive and compete in the future.

As the pace of change in technology accelerates, and the penalties of failing to adapt to change become more evident, the focus of management attention is inevitably moving to achieve a balance between business as usual and business change. Projects are the means by which we introduce change. While many of the skills required are the same, there are some crucial differences between managing business as usual and managing a project work.

PRINCE2 (PRoject IN Controlled Environments) is a structured project management method based on experience drawn from thousand of projects.


Why is Project Management Crucial.

In order to achieve control  over anything, there must be a plan. A new house is completed by creating drawings, foundations, floors, wiring and connected services. None of this is project management Рso why do we need project management?

The purpose of project management is to keep control over the specialist work required to create the project’s product or, to continue with the house analogy, to make sure the roofing contractor doesn’t arrive before the walls are built.


To find out more about our project management services, and how we can assist you with your next project, please contact us.


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