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With the current global pandemic situation, it has become very hard to provide onsite assistance or have someone bring in their device to our office to be looked at. Most issues can be rectified if we have the means to view the screen remotely and troubleshoot.

We are now providing remote assistance, to diagnose and troubleshoot any software or hardware related issues with your device. Simply click on the Get Remote Support button and download the Support Tool.

For the Remote Support Tool we are using our licensed version of TeamViewer.

TeamViewer focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online remote support and collaboration globally. To thrive now and in the coming years, businesses and individuals need remote desktop support, remote access, and online collaboration to be able to connect worldwide. TeamViewer is at the forefront of that innovation.

People have collectively used the technology from TeamViewer in billions of instances where distance and time would have otherwise prevented them from accomplishing their goals.

By requesting and accepting a remote session from a Quantech representative to remotely assist you with a technical related issue, you accept responsibility for any changes made to the desktop content or system settings. Quantech does not assume and is not responsible for any liability for the linking and viewing of any desktop content, the operation of the Quantech Quick Support software or system performance.

Quantech recommends for your security and privacy that you exit any applications you have open that is displaying content such as personal or confidential information before initiating a remote support session with a Quantech representative. Quantech further recommends that you remain seated at your desktop throughout the entire remote session.

Your data is important to us. It is up to you to ensure that you backup your data on a regular basis. Quantech will not be held responsible for any data loss if any occurred during or after a remote session. If you require help in setting up a backup procedure for your data please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.
Quantech continuously undertakes to take the utmost care when in use of your computer. However, Quantech cannot guarantee that our service will resolve your problem or that attempting to rectify your technical issue will not cause additional problems requiring an on-site call.

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