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Website Load Speed Importance

Sample in picture is taken from Yes our load speed time is less than 2 Seconds.

Load Speed!

How long does an average user wait for a website to load?

A study done by Google back in 2012 shows that a user will wait up to 5 seconds before trying for a new website. This data was collected back in 2012 and with more website in the market those number might have decreased even more.

Speed – The first impression.

From online portal to magazine blogs, first impression is vital. For many of us if the website loads fast it creates a good first impression. Websites that does not load in a timely manner are often thought of as insecure and untrustworthy. We once had a client who said “if its fast, must be professional”. We find this very true when it comes to websites.

Expected Results.

Today’s technology is moving at light speed and site speed is becoming something expected and not desired. Most users will abandon the page if they are not able to fully load a site within seconds. The possibility of an user coming back to the same site is pretty slim. The wait gets shorter with mobile users. Most mobile users who are on the go expect instant answers. Location map or product details needs to be viewed in seconds or they will be abandoned.

Talk to us on how you could improve your site. With our team of specialized web developers and technician, we will be able to help you the right results.


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